Leonard B. Cannatta

Leonard B. Cannatta  |  Of-Counsel

Previous Work Experience:

Planning Liaison for the West Central Municipal Conference, North Central Council of Mayors: Sept 07′-Present â—¦NCCM -Assist twenty member communities in planning for and funding local, state and federal transportation. Monitor, analyze, and respond to state and federal transportation legislation. Facilitate full Council membership and related committee meetings to manage and implement the Surface Transportation Program. Assist local communities in grant proposal preparation, submission and implementation. Provide local council representation to the six-county regional Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Coordinate public information exchange among transportation and planning agencies including IDOT, COOT,RTA, Metra, CTA, Pace, and CMAP.

WCMC -Assist the 36 member communities, 5 townships, 2 community colleges and Brookfield Zoo in various other areas pertaining to municipal governance. Prepare, monitor, analyze, and respond to major studies for communities as well as modifications to state and federal law that will have an impact upon their operations. This includes staffing standing committees for communities’ public works departments, building and codes departments, and public.

*Coordinator for l-294/IL-64/1-290 Ramp Study; Cook DuPage Corridor Study; West Cook Green Corridors Study with CNT 2010-2013; START Coalition; Cicero RTA Internal Transit Study – 2012-2013; WCMC Bike Plan Update 2010-2012
  • Attorney – Licensed in Illinois, November 2014
  • Juris-Doctorate: 201 1 -201 4, The John Marshall Law School
  • Juris Doctorate – May 2014 – Cum Laude
  • CALI Award, 1st in Class, Voting and Election Law, Civil Procedure, and Bankruptcy
Post-Graduate Education: 2009-201 0, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • E-Government Certificate Program, (December 2010)
*An additional certification obtained via three graduate level courses pertaining to GIS Management for local government administrators, the Internet and Public Administration, and Project Management in the public sector.

Graduate Education: 2005-2007. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Masters of Public Administration, MPA (May 07′)
  • Concentrations in Public Management and Financial Management
  • Report: Performance Measurement in Public Transit in the United States
  • Report: City of Oak Forest and the University of Illinois at Chicago: An Analysis of Management Reporting Techniques
College Education: 2001 -2005, DePaul University, Chicago

A graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Program -BA (June OS’)
Academic Major in Political Science, with a Minor in Business Administration

High School: 1997-2001, Fenwick High School, Oak Park
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