Taser Abuse

Taser Abuse Cases in Chicago
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Have You Been a Victim of Taser Abuse?
According to the TASER International reports, Chicago Police Department Taser orders have dramatically increased since 2011 and so has the use and abuse of these weapons. It is your right to seek legal action against the police officer who wrongfully attacked you or someone you love with a Taser. The attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin law firm will discuss their aggressive plan with you to pursue a fair settlement and attain justice for the abuse you endured. Our lawyers who handle taser abuse cases have helped many clients throughout the Chicago area, but also have handled numerous Taser abuse cases for clients throughout the nation.

Although these electroshock weapons are less lethal weapons than guns, police officers often misuse their power and abuse civilians under the idea that it is acceptable to use these harmful tools. Often the victims are unarmed and hold no threat to an officer or the situation. Do not let this police misconduct go unreported.
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