Police Shootings

Our Attorneys Defend Victims of Police Shootings and Police Brutality
Contact a Police Shootings attorney at R&B Law if Injured in a Wrongful Police Shooting

Police shootings are generally challenging cases; most likely, the police officer will make a case that the shooting was necessary and the victim’s actions provoked the officer to take extreme measures. These types of cases can be extremely challenging to win, which is why you need an experienced law firm with a successful track record of police shootings cases, often recovering settlements for the victim or his/her family to help you with your case.

If you were injured from a police shooting or if you lost a loved one due to a careless or malicious police act, the attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin are ready to start investigating your case and are here for you during this trying time. We have the experience and firsthand knowledge of police officers’ defense tactics, such as justifying the allegations, and we know how police officers conduct business.
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