Malicious Prosecution

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What is Malicious Prosecution?
As citizens, we have trust in our criminal justice system and faith in our law enforcement that they will objectively bring criminals to justice by upholding the law. Regrettably, in some cases, officers abuse the criminal justice system for their own malicious or vengeful reasons. Using the criminal justice system improperly and for inappropriate objectives is against the law, also known as malicious prosecution.

Victim of Malicious Prosecution?
If you have been the victim of this highly illegal action and were wrongly accused, the effects are completely devastating, leaving you in an overwhelming position. Do you believe that a police official acted maliciously against you and without probable reason? You are not alone. The malicious prosecution attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin will be by your side to help you seek the justice you deserve and compensation for any damages caused for your pain and suffering. Romanucci & Blandin law firm have handled many cases for residents of Chicago and throughout Illinois, but have also handled numerous cases for clients throughout the nation.
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