Fail to Intervene

When Police Fail to Intervene Throughout the Country
We Defend Victims of Police Brutality and Civil Rights Violations

Failure to Intervene: A Civil Rights Violation
Though police officers are sworn to protect citizens while preserving their civil rights, unfortunately, that is not always the case. If an officer observes another police officer partaking in police misconduct and does not intervene, that officer may be legally responsible for the wrongdoing. It is a police officer’s oath and duty to mediate a situation if they see another officer violating a citizen’s civil rights.

Taking legal action
If an officer failed to intervene in a situation you were involved with, there may be a basis for legal action. The knowledgeable, seasoned civil rights attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin examine all the evidence in order to verify if you have reason to sue for a police misconduct case. By forming a strategic plan, our lawyers know how to prepare and defend these cases in order to ensure compensation for the victims in Illinois, or anywhere in the nation.
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