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False and Coerced Confessions
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When law enforcement representatives blame you for a crime you did not commit, you are put in a very stressful, confusing, and upsetting situation. Police agents may use unlawful interrogation tactics, such as keeping the suspect in questioning for an uncomfortable length of time, physical threats of violence or actually using brutal force to provoke the suspect to untruthfully confess. If you were pressured or intimidated into giving a false confession, you need to seek immediate legal representation from an experienced false confession or coerced confession attorney. At Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, we know your rights, and if you were coerced in any way, we ensure a fair compensation for justice to be served. By proving your forced confession or that you were a victim of police misconduct, our determined civil rights attorneys will work to clear your name and receiving fair reparations.

Were you coerced into a confession?
To avoid a damaged reputation and to prevent spending any time in jail for a crime you did not commit, contact a civil rights lawyer at Romanucci & Blandin for a free consultation and to learn your rights. If you were unlawfully interrogated and held under distressing conditions in order to give a false confession, you are a victim and our attorneys specializing in coerced confessions can help. At the time, you were most likely anxious, confused, unsettled, and did not know the extent of your civil rights. The attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin have experience representing clients of false and coerced confessions in Chicago and throughout the nation and understand the intricate process, from investigating evidence to obtaining positive outcomes.
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