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Excessive Force
Do you feel you are the victim of excessive force by an officer of the law? The deliberate use of excessive force by a police officer is police brutality. It is illegal and completely unacceptable behavior. The common forms of excessive, deliberate or unnecessary force include the following situations:
  • Arrests or detentions
  • Conclusion of a pursuit
  • Force due to racial profiling
  • Jail, prisons, or detention centers
  • Routine traffic stops that get out of control
Police Shootings and Injuries
Are you the victim of a police shooting? Did you lose a loved one from a police shooting that you believe was unjustified? It is normally unnecessary for police to be shooting unless a person shoots at officers or hurts others in the presence of the police. Unlawful shootings by police are considered excessive force, and are a violation of rights.

False Arrest
Police officers have the right to perform arrests under Illinois law. Nevertheless, law enforcement officers sometimes exercise that right improperly. However, police officers may only arrest or detain you if they have probable cause. If you believe you were detained or arrested without probable cause, that false arrest violates your civil rights.

Taser Injuries
Have you or someone you know been the victim of a Taser gun or stun gun injury? Tasers or stun guns can be used by police officers on guiltless people or used excessively when there is no need. Taser guns may be less lethal than regular firearms, but they are still dangerous weapons that need to be discharged with care, caution, and prudence. Taser abuse may result in the loss of both money and quality of life. If you have suffered injuries cause by the unlawful use of a Taser gun, you may encounter many costs associated with those injuries, including doctors’ fees, visits to the hospital, loss of wages and other expenses.

Excessive Force
There are very specific situations that call for excessive force by police officers, such as when a suspect is believed to be an immediate danger to the officer and those around him. Excessive force may entail a variety of weapons, other than guns. The most common forms of excessive force include:
  • Excessive with non-weapons, as a baseball bat or tire iron
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Knives, other bladed weapons
  • Vehicles
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